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Rochester Hills Chimney Sweeps & Chimney Cleaning in Rochester Hills
Rochester Hills fireplace chimney fires are a reality of life. They destroy homes and lives. Hiring a Rochester hills chimney sweep can prevent most chimney fires. Most Rochester Hills residents don’t even realize the risk their homes could be in from chimney fires. First, let us establish who is at risk.
If proper precautions are taken, Rochester Hills fireplace chimney fires can be avoided. Your Chimney should be inspected by a chimney sweep regularly. First, you need to understand the anatomy of how a fireplace works and how a fireplace chimney fire is set into motion. When a fire is built in a chimney it is started in the fireplace fire box.
The chimney firebox is built out fire brick. A fire brick, firebrick, or refractory brick is a block of refractory ceramic material used in lining furnaces, kilns, fireboxes, and fireplaces. A fireplace fire box is primarily to withstand high temperature, but will also usually have a low thermal conductivity for greater energy efficiency. Fireplace firebrick are weaker, but they are much lighter, and insulate far better than dense bricks. A fireplace fire box should be free from cracks. The fireplace fire brick will taper in toward a damper and smoke shelf. A fireplace firebox is the only spot in which burning wood should occur
Everybody knows where there is smoke there is fire. A fire in your fire box is one thing having a fire in your chimney is another matter completely. That is why having a Rochester Hills chimney sweep regularly inspect you fireplace is so critical. A Qualified Rochester Hills chimney sweep explain that when you burn wood in your fireplace chimney, smoke is released and travels up from your fire box and into a smoke shelf and chimney flue liner. As the warm smoke travels up the chimney flue liner it begins to cool . That smoke condenses on the inside walls of your flue liner and is converted into creosote.In the chimney sweeps war against chimney fires creosote is the enemy.
Creosote is a highly flammable material that can ignite from almost any flame or spark. The type of wood that is burned in a fireplace affects the amount of creosote built up on the flue liner. Green, or unseasoned, contains a lot of moisture. This means it takes more heat to burn the wood in the fireplace firebox. Green wood produces more creosote.
Outside temperature also plays a factor in the amount of creosote formed. Colder tempature in Rochester Hills can cool a chimney. Chimneys that run up the side of your house are more apt to produce creosote in the Rochester Hills winter than one that runs up the center of your home. This is because masonry has a low insulation value and warm smoke being hit by cool temperatures condenses more quickly.
Proper air flow is critical to your chimney. Making sure your damper is open all the way so that smoke ventilates through the chimney quickly also reduces the risk of creosote forming. A Fireplace chimney must be built to a proper height to draft properly. Having a Fireplace to keep you warm in Rochester Hills cold winter is wonderfull, unless it drafts properly and fills your home with smoke.
You must make sure a Rochester Hills chimney sweep gives you a chimney cleaning annually. When you ignite paper or cardboard in your fireplace, often times small flaming pieces of ash and soot can drift up the flue liner and are more likely to ignite the creosote that has built up.
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Chimney Repair Rochester Hills: Preventing Chimney Fires

Chimney Repair Rochester Hills: This is a warning about the danger of chimney fires and ways to prevent them. The Chimney sweep does not get much thought. Most people don’t spend much time worrying about this potential dangerous situation. Why? Out of sight, out of mind. What you can’t see won’t hurt you…or will it?

Hiring a chimney sweep and chimney maintenance is important to prevent a chimney fire. A chimney fire can be devastating. Do you know what causes chimney fires?

The Anatomy of a Chimney Fire

When you burn wood in your fireplace the smoke it releases travels up the chimney. The smoke is full of matter that condenses on the flue liner. This matter is called creosote. As soon as the creosote has been produced, it continues to bond to the walls, waiting for a flame or spark to ignite it. That is why hiringa a chimney sweep and regular chimney sweeping is so critical.

The type of wood that you burn in your chimney can affect the amount of chimney sweeping by a chimney sweep that is required. The matirial burned. can affect the amount of creosote that builds up along the chimney flue liner. Unseasoned wood (green), for example, is the key perpetrator. Unseasoned wood hold a lot of moisture which needs to be removed in order for it to burn. Unseasoned wood produces a cooler smoke than seasoned wood and it is more likely to condense inside your chimney. Using unseasond wood increases how regularly you will need to have a chimney sweep sweep your chimney

The temperature also plays an important role on the effects of your chimney. The cold air outside helps to cool off the smoke from your fireplace and also causes condensation to form creosote. Creosote is the leading cause of fireplace chimney fires. Have yout chimnney swept by a chimney cleaning prfesional. A chimney that runs up the side of your home rather than through the center is more likely to form condensation and creosote.

In order to burn properly fire need heat, fuel and air. Using your fireplaces properly can afects the amount of chimney sweeping nessasarry. Failure to open the damper completely or closing the glass doors on your fire place will restrict airflow. Adequate air flow allows the smoke to escape before it condenses. Where there is smoke there is creosote. When youe have creosote you need a chimney sweep.

Bulky, compressed bundles of wood will burn cooler and cause more condensation. Hotter fires are best. Do not burn cardboard or paper in your fireplace because the small flaming pieces of ash can drift up your chimney and ignite the existing creosote.

There is no way to completely prevent creosote, but you can keep it down to a minimum. Chimney sweepng and cleaning is the only way to remove creosote build-up and prevent chimney fires. Have your chimney cleaned by a qaulified chimney sweep on a regular basis to be safe.

A chimney sweep or chimney cleaning professional will also look for other damage that needs attention. If you have any doubts about the condition of your chimney, call a chimney sweep professional who specializes in chimney repair today

The information below is provided by Brick Repair llc chimney sweeping and chimney restoration contractor. With 12 years specialized in masonry restoration and Chimney repair. They are experts at matching brick and mortar color for any chimney repair project. Brick Repair llc offers free estimates or answer for any of the following services: Chimney Repair, Chimney rebuilds, Tuckpointing, Natural stone, chimney cleaning, Limestone replacement, Cultured stone, Fireplace Repair brick porch repair, Brick porch construction, Brick wall construction, pointing and work, grout replacement, and historic chimney repair, Historic restoration. Our Chimney sweeps and Fireplace specialist look forward to the opportunity to help you with your brick, block or stone chimney project.
Unfortunately there are a lot of poor chimney repairs out there. On many occasions our chimney and fireplace repairman have had to redo or rebuild a chimney or porch that some one else built or tried to pass of as a quality a chimney repair. We have found chimneys crowned with mortar instead of concrete. Brick replaced by stacking the bond, and countless times where a wall was no where near level or plumb.
When looking for someone to do your Chimney repair buyer beware there are so many fly by night chimney repair companies out there. Don’t be fooled by a slick talking sales man. Have you been told you need to you needed chimney repair, If you have not inspected your chimney personally, don’t take the word of some guy of the street that hands you a business card or flyer. We will provide you with photos of your chimney repair project from start to finish. Your local handyman is not the person to use on you chimney repair, or brick wall repair the masonry field takes years to learn. Use a professional masonry contractor for any of your masonry repairs. Using the tips below will help you find a good masonry contractor for any chimney repair or masonry restoration project.

1. Use insured contractors

2. Use a reputable company
3. Ask for references
4. Look at their previous work or photos of it
5. If your job involves demolition, use a company specialized in it
6. Get something in writing

A lot of very good chimney sweeps, masonry contractors, and chimney repair companies are in business. Don’t let a con man or handy man taking on more than he can handle ruin your brick chimney repair experience

Looking for a chimney sweep or bricklayer in Michigan? Call (248) 895-7752 Specialized in masonry restoration and chimney repair. Our chimney sweeps can help you with any chimney cleaning or masonry fireplace project. Our services include tuck pointing, brick, chimney cleaning, chimney sweeping,chimney repair block, stone replacement, new construction, chimney replacement, chimney repair, porch repair,

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